Sailing Camps for Kids and Teens at Sail Sand Point

Sail Sand Point Sailing Camp For Kids and Teens

A flotilla of sailboats expertly piloted by kids and teens fills Magnuson Park on Lake Washington. That’s because this Seattle non-profit community boating center is home to Sail Sand Point.

Located on the former Naval Air Station, Sail Sand Point has been a gem for Seattle youth since 1995.

Teen Beginner

This repeatable camp for teens new to sailing offers them the chance to get off the dock and experience the joys of boating. Taught in RS Quests, a 2-3 person sailing dinghy, teens learn the basics of boat safety and teamwork on the water. One session is girls only.

Students enrolled in these level 1 classes will explore the parts of the boat, rigging, basic knots, tacking and gybing, and points of sail. They may also choose to participate in Intro to Cruising or Intro to Racing classes which introduce them to larger keelboats and racing.

This non-profit community sailing center works to make sailing available for all. They offer a full scholarship program for youth from low-income families. The goal is to teach children that sailing is a fun, affordable, and life-long sport. They also provide after-school and summer classes for youth of all ages. YC member discounts and sibling/multiple-camp discounts are available.

Teen Intermediate

For teen sailors who have completed Basic and Opti 1 or have similar experience, this repeatable camp builds on skills in a RS Quest, a 2-3 person sailing dinghy. Sailors learn more about the teamwork needed to sail a boat with multiple people, as well as more advanced techniques such as tacking and gybing. Two sessions are girls only.

For teens amply familiar with the fundamentals of sailing, this course teaches them to sail as part of a team on our performance keelboat, the SB3. With an on-board instructor, students learn more complex sail controls and different roles on a keelboat crew.

Sailors will build confidence sailing upwind and downwind in medium breeze, and develop the strong boat-handling skills necessary for higher-performance dinghy classes. Students sail in designated safe areas in Essex Bay, with instructors watching to ensure safety.

Flying Junior

Whether you’re an 8-year-old taking your first tentative steps in a sailboat off the beach, a pre-teen working to build the confidence to sail solo on Fishing Bay or an 18-year-old honing your racing skills, Sand Point has a program for you. The club offers a variety of summer camps that run 9 weeks from mid June to the end of August.

This basic program promotes self-reliance in a double-handed dinghy. Teens learn safety near and on the water, parts of the boat and sail, basic sail trim, knot tying, capsize drills, teamwork and environmental awareness.

This class builds on the rigging and boat handling basics learned in Opti 1. Sailors work on steering to proper course, body positioning and controlled tacks and gybes, as well as upwind sailing. The goal of this class is for students to be able to sail independently and confidently.


Sailors will build on their experience, practicing sailing techniques and theory. They will work on boat/sail/rig assembly, sail trim and the role of each crew member. Theoretical knowledge such as roll tacking, jibing, navigation and weather is also covered.

This is a great opportunity for sailors to refine their skills, learn new ones and practice racing against other advanced students. They will have the option of competing in local races, regional events and possibly travel across the US to compete.

The Seattle-based non-profit strives to make sailing accessible regardless of age, income or ability. It offers a wide range of camps for youth and classes for adults, as well as boat rentals through an open program that runs from mid-April to mid-October. The nonprofit also provides full-scholarship classes to youth groups from low-income families.

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